Heidi Styke

Heidi joined the Solowitz & Associates group as the Director of Client Relations shortly after her relocation in June 2018 from North Dakota. Although she is originally a native of South Dakota, she began her career in customer service management in San Diego in 2004, working in both financial and retail industries. She has held positions such as Store Manager and Department Supervisor with emphasis on profit and loss, procedural structuring and staffing management.

Heidi loves to travel and enjoys spending her free time giving back to the community, through volunteering her time. Previously, Heidi held a position on the Jamestown Youth Girls Fast Pitch Board and has been continuously involved in charitable organizations such as the March of Dimes, local blood drives and Project Ignite Light.

When she is not attending a volunteer function, or a sporting event for one of her children you can find Heidi at a Dodgers game, enjoying fresh air at the beach or on a nature walk with the family pet, Daisy a Shiba Inu terrier mix.